Workshops of the 73rd Puppeteers‘ Chrudim

Puppeteers’ Chrudim

Workshops of the 73rd Puppeteers‘ Chrudim

The seminars will take place from Saturday 29 June to Wednesday 3 July 2024 as part of the 73rd Puppetry Chrudim, daily from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm.

Seminar participants arrive on Friday 28 June 2024 in the afternoon. There will be an introductory information session with the lecturers and an inspirational programme on the evening of 28 June. Outcomes from the seminars (if implemented) will take place on Thursday, July 4.

Seminar participants are provided with tickets to attend the presentation of the main program and a selected inspirational program in addition to the seminar expertise. It is also expected (in addition to the participants of the children’s seminars) that they will participate in the analysis seminars on the seen productions of the main programme, which will take place with the participation of the lecturers in the afternoon or in the evening.

Unless otherwise stated, the seminars are intended for adults and young people aged 15 and over with written parental consent. Exceptions should be consulted with the organizers. A registered participant is defined as one who pays the seminar fee.

Seminars that do not meet the minimum number of participants by 21 June 2024 will not be implemented, and registered participants will be assigned to the seminar they have chosen as an alternative.

Seminar Audience Series 2023

A – red: seminars – to be specified
B – blue: seminars – to be determined
C – yellow: seminars – to be determined

If you need to reassign family members to the same audience group, please email

You can download the informative Exclamation Point with the program for seminarians here >>> (still in preparation)
Subject to change of seminar!

Prices for seminars and selected services

Prices for seminars without additional services:
Seminar basic price = 1 900 CZK
RA and RB seminar = price 2 700 CZK for 1 adult + 1 child under 8 years (each additional child under 8 years + 1000 CZK)
The child ticket in this case is not transferable to an adult. Children over 8 years old pay the price for the basic seminar.

Additional services:

in own tent – free of charge (limited number),
in own sleeping bag in the gym – 100 CZK/night
in the dormitory – 430 CZK/night/person (only 3-bed rooms in the dormitory of the agricultural school)

Catering I.
6x breakfast, lunch, dinner for 1490 CZK/person
(single meal with no choice in the dispensary in the Museum, not intended for vegetarians and vegans)

Catering II.
6x breakfast, lunch, dinner for 2450 CZK/person
(choice according to the menu in the tent behind the Karel Pippich Theatre)

Examples of calculation for the whole stay:
Cheapest: Seminar + Tent + Meals I. = 1900 + 0 + 1 490 = 3 390 CZK
Standard: Seminar + Dormitory (6 nights) + Meals I. = 1900 + 2580 + 1490 = 5 970 CZK
Better standard: Seminar + Boarding (6 nights) + Meals II = 1900 + 2580 + 2450 = 6 930 CZK
With children: Seminar R with one child + Meals I/room = 2700 + 1490 + 1490 = 5 680 CZK without accommodation

Electronic registration for the seminar

electronic application here >>>

The form must be filled out completely. In particular, please check your email address and contact details.
A message will be automatically sent to the email you registered with after registration, indicating all the services ordered with the variable symbol and the account number to which the services must be paid. Your place in the seminar will be reserved once you have paid for the services ordered. You will be notified after the payment has been paired. Seminars are filled until their capacity is reached.
If you do not find the message with payment details immediately in your e-mail, check if it has fallen into spam.
Subject to change!
Do not fill out the form again to change or add to your requirements!
Use the contact email or phone number from the confirmation email to clarify or change your requirements, or email
Thank you.

Seminars for adults

A – ANIMATED FILM (seminar is full)

At the seminar you will try out the basic techniques of classic stop motion animation and create your own original film micro-story. You will draw your own storyboard, prepare your own backgrounds and puppets, and try out the different methods of animation: object, puppet, flat and cartoon. We’ll show you how to breathe life into various objects, how to move an image, how to work with an editing track and introduce you to the basics of film language. Previous experience in animation or photography is not a prerequisite. Technical equipment is included in the seminar.

Lecturers Kateřina Knappová – graduate of DAMU/FAMU, scriptwriter, director, founder of Atelier Aniděti, lecturer of workshops and animation circles. Šárka Sklenářová – FAMU graduate, film editor.


An attempt to create a musical plan for Thomas Otto’s comic strip “La Foret”, by applying field recordings from electronic recording devices to individual situations from the images of the aforementioned subject.

EXPERIMENT-AL music-sound composition, which, besides the necessity of having a smartphone or other device capable of recording sound and then reproducing it, or a laptop, and preferably some instrumental combo, mostly, however, the desire to look at the creation of “scenic” music with different ears and from a different listening angle, and to be open to things perhaps slightly unconventional.

Lecturer: Filip Homola – director, actor and musician. For more than twenty years he has been working in the Naive Theatre Liberec. For his production There Are Places Favoured by Darkness, Where Never and Nothing on the Isles Hides in the Outliers, he won the Theatre Newspaper Award for Creative Achievement of the 2016/17 season in the Puppet and Fine Arts Theatre category. In 2017, it was nominated for the Theatre Critics Award in the Best Music category.

H – “SPEECH IS THE MEANS OF UNDERSTANDING” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (seminar is full)

The seminar is chosen by those who want to speak with the spontaneous, clear and creative energy of their natural voice. We will work through creative phonation, articulation, breathing and resonance exercises. Of course, there will be room for improvisation, self-creation and guided discussion with feedback.

Lecturer: Martina Ema Gasparovič – actress and teacher of stage speech at the Department of Drama Theatre of the DAMU

K – WHICH WAY TO THE STORY (seminar is full)

Dramaturgy and directing seminar

Working with theme and story from selection through the preparation of a dramaturgical-directing concept, the choice of appropriate theatrical devices to working with simple puppets or objects and eventually to the final theatrical form. Seminar participants can prepare a short and simple story that appeals to them – from family or regional history, a favourite literary text, etc. However, this is not a requirement, the lecturers will have their own ideas and materials and the work in the seminar will be based on the composition and specifics of the group.

The lecturers: director Tomsa Legierski and dramaturge Petra Kosová have been working together since 2020 at the Alfa Theatre in Pilsen. Their first collaboration dates back to 2018, when they created Alfa Farm, a production based on the novel by G. Orwell. Since then, they have produced a number of fairy tales at Alfa, as well as an original production of Hans Böhm’s Wandering through Europe, which has won numerous awards. As part of the European project Connect-Up!, they staged The Simulator for the Polish theatre in Bialystok and the production of The Old Tales of Neratov with mentally handicapped people and professional actors in Neratov in the Orlické Mountains.

L – PUPPET THEATRE STILL WITH ME (seminar is full)

Seminar for 6 children aged 13 and up and 6 adults

Let’s try to create small productions, hidden in the things we always have with us. It’s exciting to be surprised by wherever theatre can hide, wherever it can be pulled from. And, of course, to perform.

Lecturer: Vít Brukner – actor, musician, director and designer, member of the ensemble Buchty a loutky.

R – WOOD – PUPPET – THEATRE (seminar is full)

Wood and puppets have been together since time immemorial… and puppets and theatre, how could they not. Only the use of puppets in a theatrical setting is slowly changing. Let’s observe together where and under what circumstances the puppet comes to life and how important the setting and scenography is for its narrative. In our discussion, however, we will be cutting… cutting into the lime wood with sharp chisels. We’ll create from the scraps in which we can find puppets, props, sets and who knows? Maybe even a story… I look forward to seeing you and your imagination.

Lecturer: Vladimír Sosna – puppeteer, artist and carver, works in the Alfa Theatre in Pilsen, likes small and big people and wood…


Storytelling is the granddaddy of all conceivable art forms, but dramatic art is three whiskers more involved. The question of whether or not a puppeteer is a storyteller is completely unnecessary. He is. He simply TELLS A STORY with his tools, his techniques, in his own way. During the seminar we will look at selected storytelling skills, techniques, techniques… without which a storyteller, even one who tells a story with a puppet, cannot do without.

  • What is the role of the storyteller on stage?
  • How to deal with the theme of “working with a group” of spectators?
  • What are we actually telling about?
  • What is the narrator’s main job?
  • When and why will “people” want to pay attention?
  • What do I see when I watch?
    These will be the main questions for our exercises and our own experiments with the craft of storytelling. In addition, we will, of course, be telling and listening to stories. Real ones, only half-real ones and those from the realm of fantasy.
    And something else. Something special. In our meetings, among other things, we will be heading towards a daring experiment – the creation of an intangible puppet. Let’s hope for success and discovery!
    Bring comfortable clothes for movement-related exercises.

Lecturer: Martin Hak – storyteller. He tells stories in libraries, schools, theatres, festivals, public and private events. He has been teaching selected storytelling skills to people from various fields for more than 20 years.


In the seminar we will discuss all kinds of puppets, their use in productions and techniques of their control. Everything will depend on the interest of the seminar participants. At the same time, just like last year, we will try to get some personalities from the puppetry world to join the discussion, and we may also prepare some little surprises for you…

Lecturer: Aleš Pop – puppeteer, director, principal of the puppet theatre Kašpárkova říše Olomouc and chairman of SAL SČDO. The seminar will be complemented by the presence of other invited lecturers.


A seminar for those who want to have a free mode, yet want to see the main and inspiring programme and talk about it casually not only in the evening public discussions, but especially over morning coffee. The choice of the productions to be discussed will be determined by you and your lecturer.
The seminar does not start until Sunday 30 June 2024.

Lecturer: Jakub Vašíček – artistic director of DRAK Theatre in Hradec Kralove.


Seminar of the year-long educational cycle. Enrolment is only possible for Puppet Conservatory participants.

The lecturers: Peter Varga – graduated from the Puppetry Department of the DAMU, in 2002 he founded (together with Ivana Lokajová) the LokVar theatre company, which is dedicated to puppet theatre for children, from the youngest to adults, and emphasizes playfulness, imagination and puppetry; he is a guest actor at the V Dlouhé Theatre.
Lenka Veliká – graduated from the Puppetry Department of the DAMU, where she currently teaches stage speech, she has been engaged for example in the Divadlo Rozmanitosti Most or Dejvické divadlo.

Seminars for children and youth

RA – OUR FAMILY PUPPET SILVER (seminar is full)

A family seminar for children aged 3 to 6 years old with an accompanist.

We will make small family puppet shows that we can take anywhere at any time. We will supply appropriately small and large puppets to entertain young and old audiences. We will rehearse small humorous pieces that will delight a diverse audience from Chrudim to Hamburg to Buenos Aires and maybe even further.
We will be making simple small portable puppet theatres out of various boxes (shoeboxes, banana boxes, matchboxes, etc.) – the resulting theatre can be put on a table or hung on the body. For this we will make appropriate simple puppets – platform puppets on a stick, sock puppets, vegetable heroes, magnetic puppets, etc. We will take inspiration from simple fairy tales or stories (Little Red Riding Hood, Quack and Frog, etc.) and rehearse small performances (5-10 minutes) which we will perform on the final day to a puppet-loving audience.
Bring boxes (ideally shoeboxes with lids or other – different sizes) and neutral dark clothing.

Instructors: Barbora Čechová – set designer, carver, illustrator (graduate of DAMU). She actively creates puppet theatre for children in collaboration with Jirka Jelinek. Lukáš Bouzek – graduate of DAMU, actor, puppeteer, performer, improvisational magician, drummer of the band VOBEZDUD, passionate amateur hockey player.

RB – GOLDILOCKS (seminar is full)

A family seminar for children from 4 to 8 years old with an accompanist.

We invite you to a five-day theatre-puppet-art battle based on the well-known fairy tale of Goldilocks. The family seminar is led by the Bělohlávek family (Mirka – puppeteer, Kamil – set designer, Barborka – our PR department). You can look forward to puppet making, art games and fighting in the beautiful Chrudim park. Will Jiřík manage to find the Golden-haired Maiden? Does Chrudimka contain living or dead water? And what about the ravens…? Join us and let’s go on an adventure together!

Instructors: Mirka Bělohlávková, puppeteer at the Naive Theatre Liberec, and Kamil Bělohlávek, director, stage designer and musician of puppet and alternative theatre, one of the founders of the Dno Theatre, collaborated with Studio DAMÚZA, DRAK Theatre and Naive Theatre.

DA – HERBARIUM OF CHARACTERS (seminar is full)

Seminar for children from 7 to 9 years old

Not believing in fairies is the same as not believing in zebras. Fairies have never been properly described and researched, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist! But how do they live? What kind of nests do they build? How do they communicate? Let’s find these stealthy and timid creatures, study them and record their appearance and habits in a notebook – a herbarium that we will make together for this occasion! The world is full of strange creatures, ghosts and ghouls, goblins, goblins and fairies. You just have to look out for them and let them know that they definitely don’t have to be afraid of you.
A creative workshop for anyone who likes to watch, invent and record.

Instructor: Terezína Černohorská – artist, puppeteer and set designer, expert on forest and urban fairies and magical creatures.

DB • COME PLAZ THEATRE! (seminar is full)

Seminar for children from 10 to 13 years old

Hi boys and girls, do you like to play too?
How about going to the theatre? …but it’s not just that, we’ll need: actors, puppets, directors, designers, musicians, playwrights, critics …and we’ll play it all. If you’re interested in theatre and want to learn more about its essence, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll explore the different theatre professions one by one, make our own puppets and who knows, maybe rehearse an original piece of theatre.

Instructor. Lecturer of the edu program “Totalita Red Summer” at Vyšehrad.)

DB2 – PUPPET CIRCUS (seminar is full)

Seminar for children from 10 to 13 years old

Magic happens in the circus! Anything is possible in the circus!
We will play, make, invent and write. A theatrical collage where everyone will find their role and melody. Bring your green clothes and your favorite instrument. We will make puppets in Chrudim. Shapito ŠIRÉ HEAVEN whispers – let the miracles happen!

Zdenka Mlezivová – JAMU graduate, theatre lecturer, drama special educator, actress and mother.

DC – AU! AU, AUTHENTICITY! (seminar is full)

Theatre seminar for young enthusiasts aged 14-19.

Authenticity doesn’t have to hurt at all. How to be real, unadulterated, genuine, i.e. authentic not only on stage? And do we even know who we really are? How do we know? Through theatrical improvisation, games and exercises, get to know yourself and each other….

Instructors: Marcela Máchová – graduate of DAMU, puppeteer, actress, performer, health clown, improvisational witch, artistic architect of interior mecharia. Dora Bouzková – graduate of KALD DAMU, puppeteer, director, founder of the Puppets without Playing association