Workshops of the 71th festival Puppeteers’ Chrudim

Puppeteers’ Chrudim

Workshops of the 71th festival Puppeteers’ Chrudim

The seminars will take place from Friday 1 July to Monday 6 July 2022 as part of the 71th Chrudim Puppet Show, daily from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm. Seminarists arrive on Thursday, June 30, 2022 in the afternoon. An introductory information meeting with the lecturer and an inspiring program will take place in the early evening of June 30. On Tuesday, July 6, there will be outputs from seminars within the Puppet Fair.

In addition to professional care, the seminar seminar has secured tickets for the presentation of the main program and the selected inspirational program in the seminar. It is expected (in addition to the participants of the children’s seminars) their participation in the analysis seminar on the seen productions of the main program, which takes place with the participation of the teaching staff in the early evening from Friday to Monday.

Unless otherwise stated, the seminars are intended for adults, young people from 15 years of age with the written consent of parents. Exceptions should be consulted with the organizers. The registered participant is considered to be the one who pays the seminar fee.

Seminars that do not meet the minimum number of participants by June 23, 2022 will not be implemented and registered participants will be included in the seminar they have chosen as a replacement.

Seminar spectator series 2022

A – red: seminars – DM, I, K, H, DB, DL
B – blue: seminars – DP, D, S, V, DN, DI
C – yellow: seminars – X, B, T, Z, DN, PT

If you need to reassign family members to the same group, write to
If possible, we will arrange.

Information Exclamation mark with a program for seminarists can be found here: Exclamation mark 2022 is being prepared for download

Seminar subject to change!

Prices of seminars and selected services

Prices of seminars without additional services:
Seminar basic price = 1 600 CZK
Seminar R = price 2 000 CZK for 1 adult + 1 child up to 8 years (each additional child up to 8 years + CZK 1000)
In this case, the children’s ticket is not transferable to an adult. Children over 8 years pay the price for the basic seminar.

Additional services:

in your own tent – free (limited number),
in the dormitory – 340 CZK / night / person (only 3 bed rooms in the dormitory of the agricultural school)

Boarding I.
6x breakfast, lunch, dinner for 1 100 CZK / person
(uniform food without choice, not intended for vegetarians and vegans)

Boarding II.
6x breakfast, lunch, dinner for 1850 CZK / person
(selection according to the menu in the tent at the Karel Pippich Theater)

Examples of calculation for the whole stay:
Cheapest: Seminar + Tent + Catering I. = 1600 + 0 + 1100 = 2 700 CZK
Standard: Seminar + Dormitory (6 nights) + Boarding I. = 1600 + 2040 + 1100 = CZK 4 740
Better standard: Seminar + Dormitory (6 nights) + Boarding II. = 1600 + 2040 + 1850 =  CZK 5 490
With children: Seminar R with one child + Board I/ both = 2000 + 1100 + 1100 = CZK 4 200

Electronic application for the seminar

The application for the seminars
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The form must be completed. In particular, check your email address and contact information.
An e-mail that you have registered will be automatically sent to you immediately after registration with a message stating all ordered services with a variable symbol and account number to which the services must be paid for. You have reserved a place in the seminar after paying for the ordered services. You will be notified after the payment has been matched. Seminars are filled until their capacity is filled.

If you don’t find the payment information in your email right away, make sure it’s not spam.
Seminar subject to change!

Do not fill in the form again to change or supplement your requirements!

To specify or change the requirements, use the contact e-mail or phone number from the confirmation e-mail, or write to Thank you.

List of seminars

B * Without camera and projector / Bez kamery i projektoru
“Love, action, fantasy.”
The use of film techniques in puppet theatre.
A way of expanding the theatrical language and infinite imagination.
“Whole, ride, detail, cut!”
Lecturer: Vít Brukner – puppeteer, director and musician, founding member of the ensemble Buchty a loutky, occasional poet, member of several musical groups, teacher at DAMU

D * We are trying…or what to do with the puppet? / Zkoušíme…aneb co s loutkou?
Let’s play. We’re going to play with puppets and dialogues from plays for the little ones. We’ll look for actor-puppet, puppet-puppet, actor-actor relationships. Look for how to build a situation, a dialogue. How to play a pause, how to find and build a gag. And animation, manipulation… just playing with the puppet. (Clothes suitable for rolling around in).
Lecturer: Peter Varga – in 2002 he founded (together with Ivana Lokajová) the theatre company LokVar, which is dedicated to puppet theatre for children, from the youngest to adults, and emphasizes playfulness, imagination and puppetry.

H * Music playing … or video clip from A to Z / Hudbohraní … aneb videoklip od A do Z
Playing with sound, music, theatre and film. What can be created by combining music and theatre? How far can you go? Is it possible to come up with your own music video in less than a week? And does it always have to be musical? A week of music making, singing, playing instruments and rhythm for theatre people who enjoy or are interested in music. Any musical instrument (even the smallest) is welcome.
Lecturer: Lukáš Pavel – music teacher at primary school and elementary school, university student, sound engineer, actor, geocaching player, video editor, but above all a passionate musician

I * Voice and Improvisation – The Path to Verbal Flow / Hlas a Improvizace – Cesta ke slovnímu proudu
In this workshop we will be starting from the body. This will give us support in expressing ourselves through the voice. We will shake off our habits and allow ourselves to sound in our spontaneity and primal, reason-unclouded nature and animality. From there we will gradually find our way back to words. We will stay in touch with our body and breath and, thus prepared, we will embark on improvisations, first using only sounds and pronouns, then we will return to the world of sentences and meanings, to emerge from it into the discipline of improvised bound speech, and to play in the vortex of our spontaneous poetics.
Lecturer: Matouš Adam – is finishing his master’s studies at DAMU, in the field of Acting with a focus on authorial creation and pedagogy. He is interested in music and improvised songs.

K * COLLAGE – unusual meetings / KOLÁŽ – neobvyklá setkání
Using the collage technique, we will create paintings, comics, theatre sets, puppets.
We will work with photographs from magazines, postcards and our own photographs, which the participants should bring with them.
The unexpected encounters in the newly assembled images will inspire us to write texts and tell stories.
Lecturer: Hanka Voříšková – puppeteer and art teacher at the Primary Art School in Choceň.

L * Acting with a puppet or Practical skills / Herectví s loutkou aneb Praktické dovednosti
A marionette, a mannequin, a puppet, or even just an ordinary log, let’s bring them to life. With our acting, we’ll try to breathe soul into them. Let’s enjoy together, as the classics say, “wood come alive”. A workshop for all those who want to improve their skills in acting with puppets.
Lecturer: Petr Borovský – as a puppeteer, he has won many prizes at the Czech and international festivals and in 2020 he was nominated for the Thalia Award.

This is a hands-on workshop where we will make various scenes and puppets.
We will try together how the scale between actor, puppet and scene works.
Also how this can transform relationships and meanings in space etc.
Bring a soft pencil (preferably two), good scissors, a sharp knife, a cutter and spare blades.
Lecturer: Karel Vostárek – stage designer, actor, director and teacher at the Department of Educational Drama at DAMU

T * Traditional and perhaps forgotten puppetry / Tradiční a možná i zapomenuté loutkářství
The workshop is aimed at reminding traditional puppetry techniques and skills with marionette, glow puppet and string puppet. We will include demonstrations of variety acts inspired by folk puppeteers. An experienced puppeteer representing traditional puppet theatre will be our guest. The aim is to share the experience of seminarians and lecturers in creating productions in the classical concept. Both lecturers work in such companies. We will also touch upon the dramaturgical selection of texts for productions. The seminar will take the form of a free discussion.
Lecturers: Hana Dotřelová – Pedagogue, lecturer, director, puppeteer and voice performer, member of the Puppet Theatre Říše loutek, Prague, Aleš Pop – puppeteer, director, principal of the puppet theatre Kašpárkova říše Olomouc and chairman of SAL SČDO

V * Puppet as a tool for education / Loutka jako nástroj vzdělávání
Seminar for practicing teachers and future teachers and pedagogical staff
Puppet as a communication tool
Puppet as a partner and assistant of the teacher
Puppet as a motivation for activity
In this seminar we will share our years of experience working with puppets in the education of different groups of children of different ages. We use the puppet as a communication, motivation and activation tool, a tool for solving various problem situations, for cooperation and interaction of children in a group, for the development of fine motor skills, for enlivening the learning process and for much more. Together with the seminarians we would like to look for other possibilities and situations to use puppet and puppet theatre in the education of children. We will also lightly touch on puppet therapy and working with children with different disabilities. For participants: comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes, a notebook and two objects with history (e.g. an old powder box)
Lecturers: Hana and Tomáš Volkmerovi

X * Discussion Seminar or Seminar for those who do not choose / Diskusní seminář aneb Seminář pro ty, kteří si nevyberou
A seminar for those who want to have a free regime, but still want to see the main and inspiring programme and talk about it casually not only in the evening public discussions, but especially over morning coffee. The choice of the productions to be discussed will be determined by you and your lecturer.
Lecturer: Jakub Vašíček – author and director of the DRAK theatre in Hradec Králové

Z * Puppetry Conservatory / Loutkářská konzervatoř
Seminar of the year-long educational cycle. Enrollment closed.
Lecturer: Vladimír Sosna – Puppeteer, artist and carver, who has been working in the Alfa Theatre in Pilsen since 1996, likes small and big people and wood…


DM * Town of glow puppets / Maňáskov – město loutek
Family seminar for children from 2 to 5 years with accompaniment
A seminar where the parent becomes the child when they allow themselves to be. A seminar where we create, play and discover the world together through puppetry.
If you are one of those who love to play, create, laugh and enjoy precious moments together without stress and tension, you are welcome. Not only puppets will accompany us in our seminar which we are once again preparing for children and parents.
Lecturers: Věra Motyčková a Matěj Bereckei (leisure educators) both work in the leisure organization that prepares educational programs for schools and kindergartens, implements suburban and residential camps and cooperates with various institutions in Liberec

DP * A story that never ends…/ Příběh, který nikdy nekončí…
Family seminar for children from 3 to 6 years old with accompaniment
We invite you to a five-day battle based on the famous book by Michael Ende. A story that has already happened a thousand times and will happen again a thousand times will appear and disappear, thanks to you and your children’s imagination, exactly as we invent it together. Where are the Swamps of Sadness in Chrudim? Is Michal Drtina the oldest and wisest creature of the puppet Fantasyland? Who will be the scariest phantom along both banks of the Chrudimka River? Join us and together let’s save the realm of Fantasy that hasn’t been created yet…
Lecturers: family Bělohlávkovi (Mirka – puppeteer, Kamil – stage designer, Terezka and Víťa – children affected by theatre).

DB * BUBUBU or CREATIVE PUPPET WORKSHOP for small puppeteers / BUBUBU aneb VÝTVARNÉ LEPORELO malých loutkářů
For children from 7 to 9 years
WATER GOBLIN AND WATERMEN! What is the difference between them and who should we be more afraid of? BU-BU-BU-We’ll not only talk about this in our seminar. We look forward to having girls and boys bring puppets, play in the classroom and outside, and most importantly, make things with us. We will paint, cut, glue, maybe even sew. Skill is not a requirement, but patience is. We will all create, only those who want to perform at the final showcase will perform. Pack suitable clothes to lounge on the floor, good spirits and a desire to meet new friends.
Lecturers: Jiřina Polanská, founder and emeritus principal of the puppeteers’ association Vozichet from Jablonec nad Nisou; free time teacher, Alena Štěpánová, graduate of the Budil Theatre School educational programme, active in the association FysioART Art with Overlap and in the improvisation group Imjoy

DN * There’s more than one story / Není jenom jeden příběh
For children aged 10 to 11
A puppet-dramaturgical seminar where the story becomes a living creature. How is a story born? How does it live and what does it feed on? And can it die? It can if it’s not told. And it is the storyteller who gives it form. It is always up to him and him alone how the story is heard and seen by others, and it is up to them in turn to tell it further.
In this workshop, we will work individually or in groups to create a story, devise and produce an artwork, and finally send it out into the world – all in our own way!
Lecturer: Tereza Černohorská – scenographer and puppeteer, graduate of KALD DAMU and lover of tutorials on everything from programming to the construction of a Renaissance corset to building a blast furnace.

DL * Puppeteer – creator of mini worlds / Loutkář – stvořitel mini světů
For children aged 12 to 13
We will be working with material. For example, making finger puppets from foam or shadow theatre. We will make everything, write a point script and then rehearse short performances. The workshop is suitable for those who want to develop their creative and imaginative skills.
Our motto: Author, creator, creator of all!
Lecturer: Tomáš Běhal – puppeteer, director, dramaturge, puppet promoter and statutory chairman of Toy machine association

DI * Improvisation– courage– awkwardness– joy to the bone / Improvizace– odvaha– trapnost–radost až na kost
Improvisation workshop for youth ages 14-17
Courage is a very good quality for improvisers. You can’t feel completely safe on stage – it has to be a little dangerous. You have to enjoy doing something and have fun doing it. Don’t try to win because that’s not the point. Don’t try to be better than you are because you’re not going to succeed anyway. You won’t succeed if you don’t make mistakes. Go on stage and make relationships, at least you won’t be alone on stage.
Lecturer: Lukáš Bouzek – DAMU graduate, actor, puppeteer, performer, improvisational magician, drummer of the band VOBEZDUD, passionate amateur hockey player.

Puppet laboratory  / Loutková laboratoř
Seminar for young people aged 14-17 years
Open to young experimenters and explorers of new and old paths through the puppet world. What can a puppet do? Does it belong in the 21st century? Is it true that it is just theatre for children? Does the puppet belong on TikTok? How will the Marionette vs. Puppet battle turn out? And can it be played with anything? If you’ve got an open mind, join us as we delve into the world of matter that needs to be brought to life.
Lecturer: Tomáš Podrazil – author, puppeteer and musician at Toymachine Theatre and Studio DAMÚZA.