Workshops of the 70th festival Puppeteers’ Chrudim

Puppeteers’ Chrudim

Workshops of the 70th festival Puppeteers’ Chrudim

The seminars will take place from Thursday 1 July to Tuesday 6 July 2020 as part of the 70th Chrudim Puppet Show, daily from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm. Seminarists arrive on Wednesday, June 30, 2020 in the afternoon. An introductory information meeting with the lecturer and an inspiring program will take place in the early evening of June 30. On Tuesday, July 6, there will be outputs from seminars within the Puppet Fair.

In addition to professional care, the seminar seminar has secured tickets for the presentation of the main program and the selected inspirational program in the seminar. It is expected (in addition to the participants of the children’s seminars) their participation in the analysis seminar on the seen productions of the main program, which takes place with the participation of the teaching staff in the early evening from Wednesday to Sunday.

Unless otherwise stated, the seminars are intended for adults, young people from 15 years of age with the written consent of parents. Exceptions should be consulted with the organizers. The registered participant is considered to be the one who pays the seminar fee.

Seminars that do not meet the minimum number of participants by June 23, 2021 will not be implemented and registered participants will be included in the seminar they have chosen as a replacement.

Seminar spectator series 2021

A – red: seminars – A; G; I; M; O; R1
B – blue: seminars – B; D; J; L; P; R2
C – yellow: seminars – C; H; K; N; X; Z; T

If you need to reassign family members to the same group, write to
If possible, we will arrange.

Information Exclamation mark with a program for seminarists can be found here: Exclamation mark 2021 is being prepared for download

Seminar subject to change!

Prices of seminars and selected services

Prices of seminars without additional services:
Seminar basic price = 1 500 CZK
Seminar R = price 1 800 CZK for 1 adult + 1 child up to 8 years (each additional child up to 8 years + CZK 900)
In this case, the children’s ticket is not transferable to an adult. Children over 8 years pay the price for the basic seminar.

Additional services:

in your own tent – free (limited number),
in the dormitory – 340 CZK / night / person (only 3 bed rooms in the dormitory of the agricultural school)

Boarding I.
6x breakfast, lunch, dinner for 990 CZK / person
(uniform food without choice, not intended for vegetarians and vegans)

Boarding II.
6x breakfast, lunch, dinner for 1740 CZK / person
(selection according to the menu in the tent at the Karel Pippich Theater)

Examples of calculation for the whole stay:
Cheapest: Seminar + Tent + Catering I. = 1500 + 990 = 2490 no
Standard: Seminar + Dormitory (6 nights) + Boarding I. = 1500 + 2040 + 990 = 4 530 CZK
Better standard: Seminar + Dormitory (6 nights) + Boarding II. = 1500 + 2040 + 1740 = 5 280 CZK
With children: Seminar R with one child + Board I / both = 1800 + 990 + 990 = CZK 3,780

Electronic application for the seminar

The application for the seminars
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The form must be completed. In particular, check your email address and contact information.
An e-mail that you have registered will be automatically sent to you immediately after registration with a message stating all ordered services with a variable symbol and account number to which the services must be paid for. You have reserved a place in the seminar after paying for the ordered services. You will be notified after the payment has been matched. Seminars are filled until their capacity is filled.

If you don’t find the payment information in your email right away, make sure it’s not spam.
Seminar subject to change!

Do not fill in the form again to change or supplement your requirements!

To specify or change the requirements, use the contact e-mail or phone number from the confirmation e-mail, or write to Thank you.

List of seminars

A • The Art of Pulcinella

Puppeteers from & nbsp; Neapolitan schools have been passing on their experience with an unknown language spoken by the character Pulcinella for years – this is specific not only in that she creates a voice using a tool called a swazzle, but also in very empathetic in relation to her audience, with whom she wants to laugh, but also wants to teach the viewer to be able to laugh to himself. Under the guidance of an experienced lecturer, the seminar participants will be acquainted with the basic plots of & nbsp; traditional performances by Pulcinella, they will be able to try them out, but also come up with their own. The main emphasis will be on the rhythm, which is absolutely essential for Pulcinella, on the lightness and agility of the performance, and together they will look for emotions that can make sense of individual movements. Other topics the seminar will address are dance, voice, correct puppet posture, small and large gestures, limits, mistakes – all with a & nbsp; smile.
The seminar is conducted in & nbsp; English. Participants should take at least one puppet puppet with them.
Lecturer: Gianluca Di Matteo & nbsp; – studied with the masters of the Neapolitan school “guarattelle” and plays with his theater all over world, collaborates with festivals, theaters and the Italian Cultural Institute. He has performed in Canada, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Turkey, France, Spain, the Netherlands, England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Poland and in 2019 also in the Czech Republic at the UNIMA 90th anniversary celebrations. In Italy, he regularly participates in various festivals and leads the project “Muses – & nbsp; The art of school integration ”. His wood-carved puppets are on display at the Puppet Arts Center in & nbsp; Atlanta and the Puppet Theater Museum in the Netherlands, among other things, as part of a project for the blind. In addition to playing and making puppets, he also deals with scenography. He has received a number of awards for his work, including an award for the valorisation of street art from the Piedmont region.

B • Light and Shadow (Shadow Theater Workshop)

Shadow puppets can be made of cardboard. But it is also possible to make experiments, to find various materials with which the shadow theater can be played. And create different shapes, atmosphere, colors (glass, plastic, lace…). We find the way it shines (lamp, candle, flashlight,), it also affects the image. We will find or directly invent a simple story that is suitable for shadow theater. Either according to the means of expression found, or the means can be searched for a specific story. The imagination and feeling of creating images and searching for stories is a bit like a dream. Seminar for up to 10 participants.
Lecturers: & nbsp; Isabelle Durand – studied at the DAMU Department of Puppetry in Prague. He speaks Czech and English and of course French. Before 35, she founded the ensemble Bas les pattes (semi-amateur puppet ensemble). In Villecrenes (near Paris, where he lives) he runs puppet studios for children and adults. Shadow theater is usually part of their performance. She has created many productions with an ensemble of adults and children. Mirka Vydrová – puppeteer and clown. He devotes himself to his own theatrical work in the Bořivoj ensemble. Lecturer of theater workshops – voice, puppet, mask.

C • From text to production

We have a template. We chose the game – for example, from some edition, which was published abundantly eighty or one hundred and fifty years ago. Or an interesting short story or novel. Or just an idea. What’s next? What offers interesting? And what is missing here? What to look out for? What needs to be done or remodeled? And what would it be worth deleting? What puppets would suit it best? How to make our production have a head and a heel in the end and be worth it?
Send the play, short story, novel or idea to your colleagues from the seminar (and me), read for yourself what they will send you and try on all to find answers. Seminar for up to 7 participants.
Lecturer: & nbsp; Luděk Richter & nbsp; – author, director, playwright and lecturer of many seminars, founder of the theater company KEJKLÍŘ and Společenství pro cultivation of theater for children and young people GOOD GOOD THEATER FOR CHILDREN, published by ČTVRTletník o divadlo pro dětem.

D • From template to performance, from situation to text

Based on classic fairy tales, which we analyze and disassemble together and then put together again, we will try an accelerated path from the original, through improvisation of individual situations, finding their point to a simple text and a short performance in small groups. Scissors, paper, glue will help.
Lecturer: & nbsp; Peter Varga & nbsp; – after graduating from KALD DAMU, he co-founded the Dejvické divadlo with his classmates and later joined with the whole ensemble to the newly founded Theater in Dlouhá. Together with Ivana Lokajová, he founded the theater company LokVar in & nbsp; in 2002, which is dedicated to puppet theater for children, from the youngest to adults, and emphasizes playfulness, imagination and a puppet.

G Parallel worlds of Chrudim railway station

Our seminar will deal with the penetration of live art into public space. We live in a time of “theatrical” contactless and therefore we are looking for a form that will allow us to create a performative project without the need to “use” a strictly theatrical hall. The casual spectator will not only be an observer, but also an active part of the performance. We will deal with the production of “strange” masks and objects and their subsequent live use in space. We demand from seminarians the desire to experiment, fresh thinking and courage.
Lecturers : Michaela Homolová Actress, director and artistic director of the Naive Theater Liberec. Filip Homola Actor, director, musician at the Naive Theater Liberec. Both have received many theatrical awards and awards for their productions.

H Other music

Listening seminar on alternative strategies for working with music and sound.
– sound objects and their performative potential
– subversive music strategies
– experimental music, DIY scene, scene of free improvisation – outsider music and music DIY
– audiovisual performance
Lecturer: Tomáš Procházka – Puppeteer, puppet film animator, actor, director, musician. He participates in experimental stage projects, often as a technologist, musician, sound engineer and actor in one person. Member of Hadna Gote research & amp; development. Educator at KALD DAMU

I • Site-fight-specific

In the fight-specific (SFS) seminar, we would like to explore the possibilities of theatrical expression in non-theatrical space – but of course there is no such. So we will look for at least the least suitable space for the theater and we will try to transform it for our purpose in our site-fight-specific way and then we will leave it again, no matter what it wants. We will use – in addition to the persons of seminarians – objects that will be present in that place or its surroundings. We may have to borrow or steal them, but we will certainly not destroy them. Maybe just some. In any case, some interactive input of the Chrudim city police or other components of the integrated rescue system is expected, and therefore the participation of seminarians in this SFS seminar is conditional on a valid ID card (or officially certified proof of its loss or theft).
Lecturer: & nbsp; Petr Reif & nbsp; – KALD DAMU graduate. He has performed in the theaters of Studio Studio Ypsilon, Alfred in the Yard, Alta, Archa, Rubín, Spitfire company, ND Prague, Minor. He founded the Buffet Theater, which, among other things, operates a mobile cultural space on the bus – Autobuf.

J Bach puppet commando

Even a simple puppet can do anything. With simple theatrical and film techniques, we can humorously communicate the things we think about, and how many times do we not have the courage to talk about them for ourselves. Special puppet on / off line channel.
Lecturer: Vít Brukner – actor, musician, director and artist, member of the & nbsp; ensemble Buns and & nbsp; puppets.

K • Voice and Speech Education Seminar

The seminar is chosen by those who want to consciously recognize, play, tune, grasp or shape their acting hlas to convey words, speech, thoughts. Our speech is constantly evolving during regular phonation, respiratory, articulation and resonance training. We will therefore try other possibilities of voice and speech technology in partner dialogue and on specific authorial texts or etudes. The selected exercises take place in a pleasant, intense creative atmosphere based on a guided debate and feedback. Either improvised “from the floor” or written “from paper” for about 2-3 minutes. During the seminar, we will use etudes to rehearse a thematic work as an author’s theater.
Lecturer: Martina Ema Gasparovič – lectures on voice and speech education at the Department of the DAMU Drama Theater, a lecturer in rhetoric at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in the U3V educational program, teaches stage speech at the Jan Deyl Conservatory and the Prague International Conservatory.

L • Scenography seminar – MUPPET ARCHA – mimic puppets

Do you also want to escape beyond dangerous reality now? And best in pairs? We will try to allow at least animal puppets. The mapeteers we make together will be ready to board Noah’s ark and set sail …
Rescue phase: Design a mimic puppet. It doesn’t have to be cartoon, because we’ll try what gestures and hand games do. Processing in material with appropriate technology. We will get acquainted with more or less known materials and procedures (in addition to Mirelon or foam, eg YATE boards), we will try tinting and painting on fleece or using moosgumi to complete. Playing with a puppet is a free discipline, but we should check the endurance and mobility of the animals, how the couples communicate, or what happens at their home before entering the ark, ie when the appeal to board has already arrived. Documentation from the entire evacuation anabase. Photo and video, possibly live input. Demonstration exhibition for non-participants. Join the path of hope!
Lecturer: Irena Marečková – set designer, pedagogue, lecturer and juror and originally an amateur puppet actress. He works professionally in puppet and alternative theater as well as acting, opera, musical, dance, pantomime, theater for children and young people, including street theater.

<$M • Storytelling – the craft of narrators

Narrative is the grandfather of all conceivable forms of art, the dramatic one is three fous. The question of whether a puppeteer is a narrator or not is completely useless. He is. With his tools, procedures, in a way, he simply TELLS A STORY. During the seminar, we will look at selected narrative skills, procedures, techniques, kterých without which the narrator, even the one who narrates with the puppet, will not do.
– What is the role of the narrator on stage?
– How to deal with with the topic of “working with a group” of viewers?
– What are we talking about?
– What is the narrator’s main work?
– When and why will “people” want to be careful?
– What is it do I see when I watch?
These will be the main questions for our rehearsals and our own experiments with the craft of narrators. In addition, we will, of ourselves, tell and listen to stories. Real, real only half, even those from the realm of fantasy. Bring comfortable clothing for exercise-related exercises.
Lecturer : Martin Hak – Storyteller. He narrates in libraries, schools, theaters, festivals, public and private events. Selected skills of the storytelling profession have been taught by those interested in various fields for 20 years.

N • Brave as Karel Pippich – Improvisation Seminar
for young people aged 14-17

Courage is a very good quality for improvisers. You can’t feel completely safe on stage – it has to be a little dangerous. You have to enjoy & nbsp; doing something and have fun doing it. Don’t try to win, because that’s not the point. Don’t try to be better than you are, because you won’t succeed anyway. You won’t be able to do anything if you don’t make mistakes. Go on stage and establish relationships, at least you won’t be alone on stage. We dedicate this seminar in honor of Karel Pippich, a prominent native of Chrudim, this year exactly one hundred years have passed since his death (March 29, 1921).
Lecturers: Marcela Máchová – Graduate DAMU, puppeteer, actress, performer, medical clown, improvisational witch, artistic architect of interior mecharia. Lukáš Bouzek & nbsp; DAMU graduate, actor, puppeteer, performer, improvisational magician, drummer of the band VOBEZDUD, passionate amateur hockey player

O • Will it grow over our heads ?! – Seminar for young people aged 10-13years

What would it look like if a certain part of our body grew larger? How would our movement and coordination change? Plus, would it help us to merge with another being? So let’s start experimenting together in the field of “giant puppets” and their existence on the street and in the outdoor environment. We will work with fabric, rods, ropes, natural and artificial materials, paper or light, and especially with the exterior and random situations that pass by passers-by. If you have the necessary material at home (as well as various wireless luminaires), take it with you. And if you are not sure, write to me and we will arrange:
Lecturer: Josef Pekárek – He studied art education at the Faculty of Education in Pilsen and the Department of Educational Drama at DAMU. He currently works as a teacher of the literary-dramatic field at the J. J. Ryba Art School in Rožmitál, Mr. Tř. In the field of puppetry, he occasionally creates and plays in the experimental ensemble Přespolní. & Nbsp;

<$P • Bububu or Art folder of small puppeteers from the age of 7 & nbsp; & nbsp;

Girls and boys! BU-BU-BUbáci and ghosts are waiting for you, but you don’t have to be afraid. It will be the production of various types of puppets and props. BU-BU-BUWe talk about theater, lead puppets, play in the classroom and outside, but mainly paint, cut, glue, maybe even sew. Dexterity is not a condition, but patience is. To make 70 pieces of puppets in honor of the & nbsp; anniversary of LCH, we will all, play the show at the final show only those who want it. Pack with you suitable clothes for & nbsp; lounging on the ground, good mood and the desire to meet new friends.
Lecturers: Jiřina Polanská – founder and principal emeritus of the Vozichet puppet association from & nbsp; Jablonec nad Nisou; leisure educator; leads children’s theater ensembles and drama education seminars. Alena Štěpánová – A graduate of the educational program of the Budil Theater School; works in the association FysioART Art with & nbsp; overlap and in the improvisation group Imjoy.

R1 • Family seminar

Family seminar led by the Bělohlávek family (Mirka – puppet actress, Kamil – set designer, Terezka and Víťa – children with theater – Barborka is babysitting). You can look forward to a five-day puppet-adventure fight based on the famous Czech fairy tale “Long, Wide and Clairvoyant”. Will the Prince meet his helpers? And will he be able to save the princess? Will all the hoops break for the Warlock? Can we shed light on the dark streets of Chrudim? & Nbsp; And will this year be the puppet show Chrudim …? Don’t hesitate and join us! We are also waiting for you …
Lecturers: Mirka Bělohlávková , puppet actor at the & nbsp; Naive Theater Liberec, and Kamil Bělohlávek , director, set designer and musician of puppet and alternative theater, one of the founders of the Dno Theater, collaborated with the DAMÚZA Studio, the DRAK Theater and the Naive Theater.

R2 The cornerstone of the Puppet Theater

For parents with children who like to play, create, laugh and enjoy rare moments together without stress and tension. What happens when Budulínek meets Karkulka? When Deer is friends with Jezinky? Or when Ježibaba from Gingerbread Cottage meets his grandfather and grandmother from Budulínek? If you want to know more about it, sign up for our seminar with the children. & Nbsp; PS: Maybe you will learn other gossip from fairy tales 🙂
Lecturers: Věra Motyčková and Matěj Bereckei (teachers of free time) both work in Motyčkovice klice, which prepares educational programs for schools and kindergartens, implements suburban and residential camps and cooperates with various institutions in & nbsp; Liberec

T • Photo Workshop

Photos from the show are one of the things left after the show. He tries to capture a fleeting moment that is important for the performance. And everyone can expect something different from theatrical photography. During our meeting we will talk about theatrical photography as such, what it can be, what is expected of it and about the experiences that will increase during the photography of performances at the festival. And when there are puppets in the main roles, it’s all even more exciting.
Lecturer: Irena Vodáková – a freelance photographer, she photographs for the Forman Brothers Theater, the Dlouhá Theater, Lucie Němečková and her festivals Nad Prague Crescent and Creative Africa, & nbsp; photographed several years of the Festival on World Children’s Theater Day andyouth & nbsp; etc. & nbsp;

X Discussion seminar or Seminar for those who do not choose

A seminar for those who want to have a free regime, but still want to see the main and inspiring program and talk about it without obligation in the evening public discussions, but especially with morning coffee. The choice of the production you will talk about is up to you and your lecturer.
Lecturer: & nbsp; Jakub Vašíček & nbsp; – author and director of the DRAK Theater in Hradec Králové.

Z • Puppet Conservatory

Seminar of the whole year cycle. Enrollment closed,
Lecturer: Petr Borovský – puppet actor of the Alfa Theater, where since 1990 he has been surprising, enjoying and entertaining small and large spectators. As a puppeteer, he won the prize at festivals in Lutka 2008 Ljubljana, 44th PIF Zagreb 2011, 30th Skupova Plzeň 2014. He considers everyone in the production “When the Devils Swarmed” (J. Š.Kubín) or the character Široký (JJ Dvořák : “Long, Wide and Clear-Sighted”) and a nominee for the Thalia Award in 2020.